Welcome to Longview School District’s online payments portal!

CAUTION: If you pay/purchase items using a Guest Account the transaction will not be linked to your student(s) account.


To login please use the username and password* assigned for your family access login. This will automatically link you with all your students’ records, including past transactions, pay fines and fees, find items relevant to what your student(s) is /are doing in school and print your students’ ledger payment and fine/fee ledgers.

* Please enter your password using all lowercase letters. (Example: 'Longview1sGreat' should be entered as 'longview1sgreat')
* NOTE:  If you change your password in Skyward, that change will not be in effect here until after 4 AM the following morning

GUEST USERS (Not for Parents or Guardians)

Please click here to create an account.  Once created, you will be able to use the same credentials to log back into this site in the future.


Q – How is this site different than my family access portal?

A – Family access connects you to student records related to grades, food service balances, class schedules, etc. We do not track student fines/fees, or sell items through the family access portal.

Q – If family access provides separate information, why is the log in the same?

A – We strive to make this new payment portal as convenient as possible for parents. By enabling access using the same log in information as family access, there is less information parents will need to retain.

Q – Can I deposit money into my student(s) lunch account(s)?

A – No. At this time, this payment portal does not directly link to your student’s lunch account. Please contact the school office, or Nutrition Services for further information.


Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Sorry, but we do not accept American Express.